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I just want to introduce myself to theYOU!  My name is Sandi Maughon, I first got my real estate license in 1994 while living in Loganville GA .  My first job was working in a New Home Sales Community under a season agent in Monroe (Between) Ga.  My mother had been a real estate agent for years and years mainly in Gwinnett and Walton County's.  It was her advice that I work in a new home community under this seasoned agent to get my feet wet in real estate.  It was probably 6 months after being in this New Home Sales community in Monroe Ga, the developer asked if my mother and I would take on two of his other New Home comunities in Monroe Ga.  We both agreed and then my identical sister Sherri, came home from Georgia Southern got her license and our Great Adventure truly began.  Sherri and I ran the first time homebuyers community and assisted my mother in the other subdivision.  Sherri and I really enjoyed working with first time home buyers.  I believe because of our age we were able to identify with this group very well.  First time home buyers have still remained very close to my heart through out the years in real estate.

My father retired from AT&T after Sherri finished at Georgia Southern  He was a project manager who traveled all over the US and really all over the world for AT&T.  His last big project was redoing the telephone system for the country of Equador.  Needless to say he didn't like "retirement" so he started building houses with my triplet brother Jim.  Oh yes, I am a triplet, but Sherri and I are identical, kind of crazy to be identical and a triplet.  Anyway, to make a long story short we formed a business in 1996 called JCD Enterprises, where we built and sold homes. Our niche as you can probably guess was first time home buyers.  My mother got her brokers license so we eventually started Chase Realty Group which sold the houses JCD Enterprises built.   Eventually the developer who hired us to sell his new homes communities started developing entire subdivisions for us to not just sell but build in.  We have been very successful in Walton, Gwinnett and Oconee counties. 

We were Walton County Builder of the Year, I was even president of the Walton County Builders Association. We had the best selling community in Gwinnett and Walton county's. Our family has an unparrell work ethic and we strive to not just succeed but to WIN in every business we do.  Then to bubble burst and we had to reinvent ourselves.  We did a lot of foreclosures and started a recycling business.  We were very fortunate to have kept our business, we just had to work very hard which is nothing new to us.  Someone once told me twins are very competitive by nature, I can attest Sherri and I like to WIN!  I think this is one of the reasons we succeeded!

Currently we still have JCD Recycling and are selling real estate in Walton, Gwinnett, Barrow, Clarke and Oconee counties.  Our parents retired again but they come up to visit and have their hands in something all the time.  Sherri and I are joining forces again to team up to become SISTERSSOLDIT.COM.  We both have a drive and a passion for real estate and are very competitive.  We want to be the BEST realtors in Loganville, Monroe, Watkinsville and the surronding areas.  WE are constantly educating ourselves to be that much better than the competition.  We want every client to have their expectations exceeded!   Please if you are thinking buying or selling a home give us a call, I know you will not be disappointed!  Our mission for you is unparrell customer service so you will tell everyone you know just how awesome we are. 

I hope this helps get to know me!


Sandi Maughonheart




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